Our Welcome


Welcome, and thank you for visiting The Nehemiah Project online. We hope that our website highlights what we as people of faith can do to change the direction of our nation. Nehemiah in Scripture give a very specific plan of action as to how he rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem.  The template has and will work to restore and rebuild the walls of liberty in which our Nation has so long been blessed.  Please feel free to read more about our The Nehemiah Project on this site.  

Our Mission


Restoring the walls of liberty in America is the responsibility of Men and Women of faith.  Our founding fathers understood the only hope of this Constitutional Republic was that people would be virtuious and moral people...and that virtue and morality would come from the Word of God.  America’s religious freedoms are under attack like never before in the history of our nation. The walls, which once made this great nation a light to the world for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, are crumbling. The Nehemiah Project was developed to take the principles of God’s Word to rebuild our homes, our communities, our states, and our nation.

Our Action


Our plan is simple- to educate, to inform, and to activate the church to engage our government which is our God-given responsibility as citizens of this great land...