2020 Legislative Report


SB 56 (HB 45) - Private School Eligibility Requirements- Oppose- This Bill makes it mandatory if a private school takes school choice scholarship funds, they “may not deny enrollment to a student based on the student’s race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, disability, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity”  Many religious schools would lose scholarship funding based other religious beliefs and convictions.  


SJR 60 (HJR95): Bill Affecting Access to Abortion Services/Passage of Bills- Oppose-  “This bill is proposing an amendment to the State Constitution to provide that neither house of the Legislature may vote on a bill that would affect access to abortion services unless at least half of the members of that house are women, etc.” This would prevent any movement to restrict or stop abortion in the State.


SB 64: Exemptions from School-entry Health Requirements-Oppose- This bill would allow a medical board to override a parent's decision on immunization exemptions.  This takes parental authority away from the parent and gives it to the State.  


SB 90 (HB 161): Discrimination in Labor and Employment- Oppose- prohibiting an employer from providing less favorable employment opportunities to employees based on their sex; prohibiting an employer from taking certain employment actions against employees; prohibiting an employer from engaging in certain activities relating to wages and benefits, etc. This bill does not well define “sex” as a male and female.  This has the potential of being a bill that creates a sexual orientation law.


SB 180 ( HB 41): Conversion Therapy-Support- Conversion Therapy; Prohibiting a person who is licensed to provide professional counseling or a practitioner who is licensed under provisions regulating the practice of medicine, osteopathic medicine, psychology, clinical social work, marriage, and family therapy, or mental health counseling from practicing or performing conversion therapy for an individual who is younger than a specified age; providing that such licensee or practitioner is subject to disciplinary proceedings by the Department of Health and the appropriate board under certain circumstances, etc.


SB 206: Prohibited Discrimination-Oppose- Prohibited Discrimination; Citing this act as the "Florida Competitive Workforce Act"; adding sexual orientation and gender identity as impermissible grounds for discrimination in public lodging establishments and public food service establishments; providing an exception for the constitutionally protected free exercise of religion, etc.


SCR 392: Equal Rights for Men and Women- Oppose- Equal Rights for Men and Women; Ratifying the proposed amendment to the Constitution of the United States relating to equal rights for men and women, etc.


SB 208: Wellness Examinations- Oppose- requiring that district school boards and private school governing authorities require and enforce as a policy that certain children present proof of an adolescent well-care examination each year; requiring district school boards and private school governing authorities to refuse to admit children who fail to present proof of such examination, etc. Though this bill has an exemption revision for religious grounds, this bill puts undue burdens on parents and school boards, removing the parental authority.


SB 212: Medical Marijuana Retail Facilities-Support- Revising definitions of the terms “edibles,” “low-THC cannabis,” “marijuana,” and “marijuana delivery device” to include items that are dispensed by a medical marijuana retail facility; prohibiting qualified physicians and caregivers from being employed by or having an economic interest in a medical marijuana retail facility; revising provisions to authorize medical marijuana retail facilities to dispense marijuana, marijuana delivery devices, and edibles under certain conditions; providing operational and dispensing requirements and prohibitions for medical marijuana retail facilities, etc.


SB 278: Climate Health Planning-Oppose- Climate Health Planning; Requiring the Department of Health to prepare an annual climate health planning report that contains specified information and recommendations; requiring the report to be published on the department’s website and submitted to the Governor and the Legislature. Assumes manmade climate warming.


SB 280: Climate Fiscal Responsibility-Oppose-Climate Fiscal Responsibility; Requiring the Economic Estimating Conference to annually prepare a climate fiscal responsibility report and provide a copy of the report to the Governor and the Legislature; requiring the Office of Economic and Demographic Research to publish the report on its website; requiring the conference to coordinate with and obtain data from certain entities in preparing the report, etc.  Assumes manmade climate warming.


CS/SB 404: Parental Consent for Abortion-Support- Parental Consent for Abortion; Creating the "Parental Consent for Abortion Act"; prohibiting a physician from performing an abortion on a minor unless the physician has been presented with consent from the minor’s parent or guardian, as appropriate; providing an exception for a medical emergency; authorizing a minor to petition any circuit court in which the minor resides for a waiver of consent required to obtain an abortion


SB 456: Minimum Wage- Oppose- Minimum Wage; Revising the formula for the adjusted state minimum wage, etc. Raising minimum wages has never increased employees' quality of life.


SB 632: Education- Oppose- Education; Requiring specified teachers to have received, at a minimum, a bachelor’s degree; revising the information the Department of Education requires in a specified database relating to private schools; requiring private schools to provide specified students with a certain amount of time for recess; requiring private school students to participate in the statewide assessment program, etc..  This an effort to make private schools no different than public schools.  The current assessments and standards are common core which has been proven to be disastrous. 


SB 664: Verification of Employment Eligibility- Support- Verification of Employment Eligibility; Requiring employers to register with and use the E-Verify system beginning on a specified date to verify the employment eligibility of new employees; requiring the Department of Economic Opportunity to order certain agencies to suspend an employer’s license under certain circumstances; requiring the department to notify the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency and specified law enforcement agencies of certain violations, etc


SB 720: Medical Use of Marijuana in Schools- Oppose - Medical Use of Marijuana in Schools; Authorizing a qualified patient to designate more than one caregiver to assist with the qualified patient’s medical use of marijuana under certain circumstances; authorizing a county-designated caregiver to register as a caregiver for more than one qualified patient under certain circumstances; providing a procedure for a parent of a student who is a qualified patient to request that marijuana be administered to the student during the school day; requiring that a caregiver or a county-designated caregiver administering marijuana to the student do so in the area the school principal designates, etc. This sets a dangerous precedent while forcing schools to administer this drug.


SB 734: Termination of Pregnancy- Support - Termination of Pregnancy; Prohibiting termination of pregnancy based on a test result, diagnosis, or other reason for believing that the fetus has Down syndrome; providing an exception; subjecting a physician to disciplinary action for performing such abortion; requiring a physician to report specified information for each abortion performed to the Agency for Health Care Administration, etc.


SB 962: Medical Marijuana Employee Protection- Oppose- Medical Marijuana Employee Protection; Prohibiting an employer from taking adverse personnel action against an employee or job applicant who is a qualified patient using medical marijuana; requiring an employer to provide written notice to an employee or job applicant who tests positive for marijuana of his or her right to explain the positive test result; providing procedures when an employee or job applicant tests positive for marijuana; providing a cause of action and damages, etc. An employer should have the right and discretion to hire whom they want.  Marijuana users may have impaired judgment. 


SB 968: Sports Wagering- Oppose- Sports Wagering; Authorizing certain persons to place wagers on a sports event under certain circumstances; providing duties and responsibilities of the Department of the Lottery relating to sports pools; prohibiting sports pools from being offered by anyone other than the department or a licensee; authorizing a licensee to have certain websites and applications under certain circumstances; prohibiting certain persons from wagering under certain circumstances, etc.

Effective Date: October 1, 2020, if SB 970 and SB 972 or similar legislation is adopted in the same legislative session or an extension thereof and become law- Gambling Expansion


SB 1010: Marriage Equality- Oppose- Marriage Equality; Removing a prohibition on the recognition of marriages entered into between persons of the same sex in this state, another state, or another jurisdiction, either domestic or foreign; removing a prohibition on giving effect to any public act, record, or judicial proceeding of another jurisdiction respecting a marriage or relationship not recognized in this state or a claim arising from such a marriage or relationship, etc.


SB 1218: Anti-bullying and Anti-harassment in Schools- Oppose- Anti-bullying and Anti-harassment in Schools; Expanding the information that private schools participating in an educational scholarship program are required to publish and provide to parents; requiring such private schools to adopt bullying and harassment policies; requiring such schools to report bullying and harassment incidents to the Department of Education, etc.  Imposes restrictions on private schools and bullying and harassment are not well defined.


SB 1246: Dual Enrollment- Support- Dual Enrollment; Clarifying that secondary students eligible for dual enrollment programs include students who are enrolled in home education programs; prohibiting district school boards and Florida College System institutions from denying students who have met eligibility requirements from participating in dual enrollment except under specified circumstances; providing that certain independent colleges and universities are eligible for inclusion in the dual enrollment and early admission programs; establishing the Dual Enrollment Scholarship Program, etc. This bill needs to be expanded to include private schools.


SB 1318: Lottery Games-Support-Lottery Games; Prohibiting an electronic computer terminal or electronic device from being used by a player to play any lottery game; prohibiting the Department of the Lottery from authorizing the operation of a specified lottery game; requiring the department to include a specified warning in all advertisements and promotions of certain lottery games; requiring certain funds in the Operating Trust Fund to be used for a specified annual payment for services relating to the prevention of compulsive and addictive gambling, etc.



HB 271: Abortion: Support- Prohibits termination of pregnancy if a physician determines that preborn human being has a detectable preborn intrauterine heartbeat; removes medical necessity exceptions; revises certain informed consent requirements; removes provisions relating to partial-birth abortions; removes certain civil remedies; provides criminal penalties.